Redefining Assessments

It could be argued that assessment is lying at the heart of education. Teacher, parents and even policy makers use testing as a metrics system for students’ attainment, academic strengths and weaknesses. Educational systems are also judged by students’ performance in assessments. However, although the way we assess our students has gone under huge improvements and changes the last decades by using both summative and formative ways of assessment, the students’ feelings remain the same.

For some students just the mention of examinations or thinking about
assessments or assignment deadlines can lead to some unpleasant reactions
such as sweaty palms, dry mouth, feeling sick, feeling shaky in the legs ,
feeling tearful, becoming fearful, panicky, wanting to escape, heart pounding,
can’t concentrate, mind wandering, can’t sleep, feeling tired,can’t eat, or eating more than usual….
Since we all face students with anxiety issues, it is our goal and desire to help them cope with all forms of assessment.
So the idea is simple. What would happen if we showed our students that they are not alone and that students all around the world undergo assessments and testing. What if we gave them the opportunity to share their feelings with their virtual friends and even exchange their experiences, advice and wishes for good luck.